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We Provide:

Wire & Cable

Machined Products

Fabricated Parts


Wire Forms

Plastic Products

Overseas Sourced Products


We provide custom products to meet your specific needs.

We offer complete products to our customers including any painting, plating, heat treating, grinding, assembly, or any other value added process that is required.

We want to provide our customers with parts that are ready to be utilized as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We will source and stock anything to meet your special manufacturing needs!


Our Mission
To be a reputable, reliable and accommodating member of the manufacturing supply chain; to create value for our customers through continuous innovation, timely and dependable customer service and rapid response to new and developing customer needs.

Our Vision
To create quality, long-lasting cooperative and supportive relationships with our customers, suppliers, associates and community in an effort to improve everyone's well being.

Our Values

Respectful, open and honest communication, collaboration and support of all the individuals and organizations that we interact with.